You can support us by telling your friends and family about Carers Alliance.

You can download our fliers and pass them through your networks.

You can volunteer to help our candidates hand out ‘How to Vote’ tickets on polling day

You can pass fliers to the parents of your children’s friends from school or day programs

You can mail drop retirement villas and nursing homes

You can pass fliers out on the train or bus on the way to work

You can tell your story to your local media supporting us and supporting a National Disability Insurance Scheme

Contact Maree at

The Carers Alliance is a registered political party formed by family-carers of people with disabilities to seek political recognition of people with disabilities, chronic illness, mental illness, and the problems of frail-age in all Australian communities.

For years people with disabilities of all ages and their family-carers have relied on mainstream political parties to look to their interests and have been and continue to be bitterly disappointed.

The Carers Alliance was registered as a Federal party in September 2007 to contest the 2007 Federal election and will again field candidates in the coming Federal election.

Make a donation

By Direct Deposit:

To make a donation to the Carers Alliance by direct deposit, the Carers Alliance bank account number is:

BSB: 062 157       Acct No 10147347

So a receipt can be issued for your donation please email your details to, or send a letter to The Secretary, PO Box 133, DRUMMOYNE NSW 1470 detailing the date and contribution amount.

Donations to political parties are tax deductible up to $1,500. For more information about political donations,<br /
Visit the ATO guide for political donations

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