Media Release 1 January, 2011

Media Release 1 December, 2011


Little wonder a report by Pricewaterhouse Coopers shows Australians with a disability are at greater risk of living at or below the poverty line than people with disabilities in other OECD countries.

“The Federal government’s Mid-Year Economic and Fiscal Outlook mini-budget has not budgeted a single red cent for establishing a National Disability Insurance Scheme, not a cracker. And in the week leading up to the celebrations of International Day of People with Disabiliities, not much to celebrate ” says MaryLou Carter, secretary of the Carers Alliance.

“Since 2008 people with disabilities, carer-families and people who care for and care about people disabilities have had their expectations raised with a National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) in prospect, what now?”

“As recently as a week ago, at the National Disability Awards Night, Ms Gillard was assuring people with disabilities that her government was committed to the introduction of the NDIS.”

Yet when it comes to backing that commitment with the dollars necessary for establishing such a Scheme by 2013, the Federal government has squibbed.

Over 24,000 new Commonwealth Public Servants have been employed by the Federal government since 2007 – how many of those were people with disabilities?

While the Federal government has spoken many worthy words in earnest about a National Disability Insurance Scheme, the cruel reality was clearly shown in this week’s mini-budget: The Federal government’s intention is to do nothing to implement the very initiative that will give people with disabilities and their families .

Carers Alliance calls on the Federal government to make good its promises. Introduce the legislation to implement a National Disability Insurance Scheme. There is this guarantee Tony Abbott will not say No.

“It’s not what is said but what is done that matters. The recent Census made sure every Australian was counted it’s up to the Federal government to make sure Every Australian Counts.”

Media Contact: MaryLou Carter , Secretary, Carers Alliance 0425 363 422

Carers Alliance is a federal political party formed to promote a better life for and advance interests of people with disabilities and carer-families who support them

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Lively discussion on the Education of Students with Disabilties

The educational experience for too many kids with disability in Australia.

Join a lively discussion and debate about the significant issues confronting students with disability, education providers, governments and the wider community.
• The Hon Peter Garrett MP (Minister for School Education, Early Childhood and Youth)
• Mary Bluett (Australian Education Union (AEU) Deputy Federal President)
• Danny Dickson (2011 Community Leader for International Day of People with Disability)
• Stephanie Gotlib (Executive Officer of Children with Disability Australia)
• Geoffrey Warren (Principal)
• Julie Phillips (Anti-discrimination advocate)
Maritime Museum, Darling Harbour, Terrace Room.
7.00am, Saturday 3 Dec 2011

Education is one of the most significant concerns for children and young people with disability. Despite there being a clear legislative framework as outlined in relevant human rights conventions and Commonwealth and State Disability Discrimination Acts many families report to CDA that their children have limited opportunities and are subjected to low expectations, exclusion, bullying, discrimination and breaches of human rights. Further, the AIHW in 2006 found that 63% of school students with disabilities had difficulties fitting in at school. Latest statistics on completion of year 12 also reveal that only 29.6% of people with reported disability complete Year 12 compared to 49.3% of people without a disability.
CDA is the national peak body which represents children and young people aged 0–25 with disability and their families. It is a not for profit, community based organisation with a national membership of 5000. CDA’s vision is that children and young people with disability living in Australia are afforded every opportunity to thrive, achieve their potential and that their rights and interests as individuals, members of a family and their community are met.
Contact: Stephanie Gotlib (03) 9482 1130 or
CDA education event

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Let’s have some fun celebrating International Day of People with Disabilities

Please click on image for all the details

When: 10am to 3pm, Saturday 3 December, 2011  Where: Livvi’s Place at Timbrell Park, FIVE DOCK  NSW Activities: Free Rides and Entertainment

RSVP to Children with Disabilities Australia on 03 9482 1130 or

Visit: or for more information

Special VIP Guests: Senator the Hon Jan McLucas, Parliamentary Secretary for Disabilities and Carers,  Mr John Sidoti, Member for Drummoyne and Mr Angel Tsirekas, Mayor of the City of Canada Bay

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Carers in historic court win

This is an example of the persistence weakens resistance principle - unpaid family carer Rose Theiring challenged the laws that made it impossible for unpaid family carers to claim compensation for their time in caring for those they love catastrophically injured in motor vehicle accidents.

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Carers Alliance member meets Malcolm Turnbull

David Carter, a founding member of the Carers Alliance has met with Malcolm Turnbull to discuss the National Disability Insurance Scheme, and to tell his personal story about growing up with an intellectually disabled brother and working in the disability sector.

Here is the link to his personal blog where there’s a photo of Malcolm signing off on his support of the Every Australian Counts campaign supporting the implementation of the NDIS.

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Carers Alliance

MaryLou Carter interview with Alan Jones on the National Disability Insurance Scheme

Who Cares? Read below for that answer!

Compare the Greens, Labor, Liberal and Carers Alliance response below regarding a National Disability Insurance Scheme

Party positions release on the NDIS – 16th August

Mad as Hellabout Australias broken disability support system?

Members and Supporters letter

We congratulate Carers Australia for their bipartisan  approach to these elections Carers Australia’s Election Platform 2010 and Carers Alliance response



Freedom of Information request by Carers Alliance regarding correspondence between Wayne Swan, John Della Bosca and Ken Henry about tax concessions and offsets page 2 and 3 of Swan letter.

Letter to the treasurer -from Della Bosca

Response from Wayne Swan – Treasurer

Does Wayne Swan share Bill Shortens vision for an NDIS or is he a lone wolf?

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About the Carers Alliance

About us

We are simply families like every other Australian family except that we, like one in five Australian families provide support or care to a relative or friend. We are mums and dads, husbands, wives, partners, brothers, sisters, friends and neighbours.

We are no different to any other Australian family. We have the same hopes and dreams for positive life outcomes for both ourselves and our family members. You yourself may not be a carer right now but the time will come that you most likely will become one. Our ageing population virtually ensures that our issues will eventually, become yours.

Some people mistakenly think a political party for carers is a one issue party. Nothing could be further from the truth. We have the same needs and interests in the way government uses our taxes as every Australian family. Carers Alliance has the additional interest to ensure that transport, infrastructure, schools, healthcare, housing and a myriad of other services are provided in an inclusive manner and in such a way as to benefit all Australians both now and into the future.

We can guarantee that eventually every Australian will benefit from our advocacy because we are all going to age and we will all need accessible communities when we do.

Why should you worry about the issue of care if you are not a carer?

No-one is immune from disability. At some time it will affect you personally or someone close to you. When and if this happens you need to ensure that services and supports are provided to assist you or those close to you. Disability can affect anyone – through birth, illness, mental illness, frailty, age or simply through an accident of life.

Disability can be episodic – which means short term support is required to assist a person to re-develop their capacity. Without the services Australians need many people remain disabled by conditions that they should have recovered from. Or recovered to the degree that lifelong impairment was reduced. Currently Australia offers very little assistance for people needing rehabilitation and intervention services. Many Australians remain far more impaired than they should be. People do not think about this until it happens to them or a close friend or relative.

Because of the lack of appropriate services an accident of life or illness or mental illness could see you permanently incapacitated when you should have recovered. This is one of many reasons that our representation could assist you or yours.

Our media is often ablaze with the talk of the crisis in health care and the chronic underfunding. What is not said is this chronic underfunding continues across to rehabilitation services, intervention services, disability services, aged care services and mental health services.

It is time for all Australians to be made aware that all of our service systems are in crisis, not just hospitals. Our hospitals all too often tip people out before recovery. Without the services to pick people up and to assist them, they are unlikely to recover as they should. We need to make our governments understand that the most critical thing to an individual is their capacity.

Therefore services and supports that ensure the maximisation of that capacity must be available to all in both a timely and beneficial manner.

Can we continue to abandon Australia’s children?

Australia’s children are currently not provided with the services that they need to reach their capacity. We all know the importance of education and therapeutic services early in life, without these services children cannot and will not reach their potential. Because of this many will age and will forever remain dependent on the system. They, like many of the young adults of today will be far more expensive for our communities across their entire lifetime simply because they are not being given a chance.

Not only is this poor and inequitable planning but it is also economically unsound. Our politicians see the interest of our nations children in 4 year election cycles. Once each election cycle a handful of silver is tossed into the pot but not enough to even balance those coming into the system. Early intervention services are expensive, but not providing them is to generate a staggering future load on the you the taxpayer, a load that can be averted or greatly reduced with proper planning and timely services.

Our service systems for people with disabilities and their families are a shambles. Instead of being flexible, responsive, timely, well-co-ordinated and based on rights and entitlements, they are an antiquated and dysfunctional, anchored to bureaucratic and institutionalised mindset.

Our political leaders have shown little leadership on the issues of disability service delivery. They must acknowledge and understand that the most critical thing to an individual is their capacity to direct their lives for the outcomes that best suit them and that services and supports should maximise that capacity and be available to all.

The realities that affect carer-families and people with disability do not follow 3 or 4 year elections cycles, they are with us every day.

The nation of the fair go

Australia has a reputation as being the nation of the fair go and yet there is nothing fair about the way we treat our people who have social care needs.

Every Australian should think long and hard regarding this subject as most people at some time will know or love someone abandoned by our service system. It is not until this happens to those close to you that you will understand the heartbreak of knowing that it really does not have to be like this.

Disability is simply a fact of life and should be embraced as part of our human diversity, but when disability can be prevented supports must be offered. People who do live with disability deserve to have services and supports that enable them to participate to the fullest extent possible in the social, cultural and economic life of Australia and to have the same expectations that are taken for granted by our fellow citizens without disability

Carers Alliance wants to change the system and the only way we can do this is to speak clearly with your support. It is time to start the change from within in the forum that counts – our nations parliaments.

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Where is the commitment of both major parties to a National Disability Insurance Scheme?

The ongoing Productivity Commission Inquiry into disability support has received 1850 expressions of interest compared to 857 for the paid maternity leave Inquiry

“Both Labor and Liberal are committed to paid parental leave, yet have made absolutely no commitment to a national disability service scheme “secretary of the Carers Alliance Mary Lou Carter said today.

“Our question for Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott is ‘Will you implement transformational change such as a National Disability Insurance Scheme in the next term of Parliament? We hope all Australians put this question to their candidates because it goes to the heart of our claim to be a fair and just society’ says Carter.

“A lack of commitment will only fuel the anger of people with disabilities and their families and supporters who are already Mad as Hell. They will be moving forward to the ballot box in a few short weeks with this issue firmly in their minds .”

“Carers Alliance supports the introduction of a scheme which gives lifetime care and support to people with severe disabilities and their supportive families.”

“We call on the major parties, which have the outright power, to commit to urgent and positive change on this important but neglected area of public policy. Such a commitment can be made prior to a Productivity Commission report. It just takes leadership to make it.” says Carter.

The Productivity Commission is currently inquiring into the feasibility of a National scheme to give lifetime care and support to people with disabilities, irrespective of how those disabilities are acquired. Its report is due in July, 2011.

“Many politicians say they go into politics to help people. Well, directly and indirectly there are millions of Australians affected by disability who need that help. Carers Alliance says  a National Disability Insurance Scheme will certainly help them.”

Carers Alliance a  federally registered political party  formed to promote a better life for and advance the full inclusion of people with disabilities and their supportive familiescarer-families who support them

Contact Marylou Carter, Party Secretary 0425 363 421

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