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Where is the commitment of both major parties to a National Disability Insurance Scheme?

Posted on July 25, 2010 by Marylou

The ongoing Productivity Commission Inquiry into disability support has received 1850 expressions of interest compared to 857 for the paid maternity leave Inquiry

“Both Labor and Liberal are committed to paid parental leave, yet have made absolutely no commitment to a national disability service scheme “secretary of the Carers Alliance Mary Lou Carter said today.

“Our question for Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott is ‘Will you implement transformational change such as a National Disability Insurance Scheme in the next term of Parliament? We hope all Australians put this question to their candidates because it goes to the heart of our claim to be a fair and just society’ says Carter.

“A lack of commitment will only fuel the anger of people with disabilities and their families and supporters who are already Mad as Hell. They will be moving forward to the ballot box in a few short weeks with this issue firmly in their minds .”

“Carers Alliance supports the introduction of a scheme which gives lifetime care and support to people with severe disabilities and their supportive families.”

“We call on the major parties, which have the outright power, to commit to urgent and positive change on this important but neglected area of public policy. Such a commitment can be made prior to a Productivity Commission report. It just takes leadership to make it.” says Carter.

The Productivity Commission is currently inquiring into the feasibility of a National scheme to give lifetime care and support to people with disabilities, irrespective of how those disabilities are acquired. Its report is due in July, 2011.

“Many politicians say they go into politics to help people. Well, directly and indirectly there are millions of Australians affected by disability who need that help. Carers Alliance says  a National Disability Insurance Scheme will certainly help them.”

Carers Alliance a  federally registered political party  formed to promote a better life for and advance the full inclusion of people with disabilities and their supportive familiescarer-families who support them

Contact Marylou Carter, Party Secretary 0425 363 421

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