Aged Care

Individualised Funding of Aged Care Services – person centred funding

Most people as they age would prefer to remain living in their homes, surrounded by those they know and the comforts of familiarity.

Carers Alliance will fight in the Senate for individualised funding for in home services and community support services.

Intensive EACH packages and Home and Community Care packages should be made available as an alternative for block funded packages designed to assist the elderly stay at home. They should allow flexibility to allow the service user the opportunity to manage their lives and supports around their lifestyle. There is an undeniable nexus between residential aged care, loss of hope and decline in emotional and physical wellbeing. We believe that individual support to remain at home must be made available to all ageing Australians as required. This is far less intrusive as a way of delivering both supports and health services (preventative health care).

Individualised service packages will allow voice, choice and control by:
1. providing the user of services with the choice of service type,
2. allowing portability of funding allowing choice of service provider or to pay for the care they choose to have in their own home
3. consumer controlled funding, if that is the choice of the person with disabilities or their families/nominated representative

In its simplest form, an individualised funding package is the provision of direct payments to people in order to purchase services they require, which is a transformative idea giving power to the service user. Payments can be made directly to the individual requiring support or an intermediary/broker who offers financial and/or case management. Alternatively, the individual can direct block funding to a chosen service provider who meets the needs of the individual.

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