About us

About us
Carers are simply family members. We are no different than any Australian family. We have the same hopes and dreams for positive life outcomes for both ourselves and our family members. You yourself may not be a carer right now but the time will come that you most likely will become one. Our ageing population virtually ensures that our issues will eventually become yours.

Some people mistakenly think a political party for carers is a one issue party. Nothing could be further from the truth.

We have the same needs and interests in the way government uses our taxes as every Australian family. Carers Alliance has the additional interest to ensure that transport, infrastructure, schools, healthcare, housing and a myriad of other services are provided in an inclusive manner and in such a way as to benefit all Australians.
Whether you are aware of this now or not, we can guarantee that eventually every Australian will benefit from our advocacy as they age.

No-one is immune from disability. At some time it will affect either you personally or someone close to you. When and if this happens we need to ensure that services and supports are provided to assist you or those close to you. Disability can affect anyone – through birth, illness, mental illness, frailty or simply through an accident of living or ageing.

Disability can be episodic – which means short term support is required to assist a person to re-develop their capacity. Without the services Australians need many people remain disabled by conditions that they either should have recovered from, or recovered to the degree that lifelong impairment was minor rather than severe. Currently Australia offers very little for people needing rehabilitation services.

Because of this lack of appropriate services an accident of life or illness or mental illness could see you permanently incapacitated when you should have recovered.

All Australians should accept that our service systems are in crisis, that we need to force our governments to understand that the most critical thing to an individual is their capacity. Therefore the need ensure that services and supports that ensure the maximisation of that capacity is available to all.

Disability is a fact of life and should be embraced as part of our human diversity. People with disability deserve to have services and supports that enable them to participate to the fullest extent possible in the social, cultural and economic life of Australia and to have the same expectations that are taken for granted by our fellow citizens without disability.

The realities that affect carer-families and people with disability do not follow 3 or 4 year elections cycles, they are with us every day.

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