Show us the Money, Bill

Show us the Money, Bill 6 November, 2012

Ms Macklin, Minister for Disability Reform addressed the National Press Club last week and told the assembled reporters:

“You can anticipate additional funding for the national disability insurance scheme in next year’s budget,”

I wonder if Bill Shorten, Minister for Finance can show us the Money Bill that will provide that additional funding. There appears to be a chasm between anticipation and delivery.” said Maree Buckwalter President of the Carers Alliance.

“It is downright cruel to mislead Australians with significant disabilities and their families with tricky language, they deserve better than that” said Mrs Buckwalter.

There was no such anticipation foretold during recent Senate Estimates hearings. There is no additional money in prospect.

“We’ve watched the Senate Estimates hearing very carefully. When asked about the certainty of funding for the NDIS the response was “we are in consultation with the States” which doesn’t answer the question and is shorthand for “we haven’t committed any money past the already underfunded trials”

The certainty people with disabilities have is that the States will put in $7 billion each, the uncertainty is that the Federal government has not committed one cent when looking into the future.

Australians believe a National Disability Insurance Scheme is long overdue. However Carers Alliance is concerned about the haste in bringing the Scheme in earlier than recommended without all the very important and necessary work being in done a measured and considered way. We are worried that the rush is for a political outcome not for the best outcome.

We want a National Disability Insurance Scheme not just an acronym.

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