Abbott says: Budget uncertainty threatens NDIS

A National Disability Insurance Scheme is a social reform too important to be used in political brinkmanship and in a bidding war between jurisdictions as to who is the more compassionate.

We are very concerned that Budget Estimates did not confirm funding past the “trials” and this should be a matter for concern for all people with disabilities and carer-families and supporters.

OPPOSITION Leader Tony Abbott insists the government is “crab-walking away” from its promised budget surplus and has warned it could threaten future funding for a National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

Mr Abbott on Tuesday said the coalition “enthusiastically supports” current government commitments for the NDIS, such as trial sites.

But the scheme needed the funding certainty provided by getting the budget back to a strong surplus as soon as possible.

“I regret to say that this is highly unlikely, indeed becoming increasingly impossible, under the current government,” Mr Abbott told reporters in Canberra.

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