Carers Alliance Media Release 27 July, 2012

Carers Alliance Media Release                                27 July, 2012


“This is what the Gillard government has done to the silk purse that was the much anticipated National Disability Insurance Scheme ”said Mary Lou Carter secretary of the Carers Alliance.

‘At the end of April Ms Gillard told thousands of people with disabilities, family carers and disability support workers rallying in Homebush “‘You’ve waited long enough:’ and led us to believe that the NDIS would become a reality a year earlier.”

‘Looks like we’ve ALL been seriously conned by a government playing wedge politics against cash-strapped States who don’t toe the party line. What is it about fooling some of the people some of the time? Well we’re not fooled.”

“The NDIS is a fair-go Scheme, it would benefit ALL Australians and put us in the vanguard of disability service provision. But it has now been twisted and pummeled into a political football.”

“It is simply unconscionable to play mean and tricky politics with the lives of hundreds of thousands of men, women and children who are severely disabled, and who depend on help and support each and every day.”

“The Gillard government made the promise to introduce the NDIS, then, without any collaboration or consultation, set about watering it down to be barely recognizable, then demands that the States pay for it and deliver it.

The perfect analogy of the Gillard government NDIS is this: In 2014 you could have had a top of the line Holden with all the bells and whistles, but because we’ve spent all the money you’ll have to make do with a bicycle.

Carers Alliance a political party formed to promote a better life for and advance the full inclusion of people with disabilities and their supportive families.

Contact: Marylou Carter, Secretary Ph: 0425 363 421

Contact: Maree Buckwalter, President Ph: 0425 280 376


See Chapter 14 Pg 637 of the Productivity Commission Report specifically refers to the funding of the NDIS.

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